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Hello all.
The time has come to clear out some old stock i have left over. All parts are Brand New in Packet. I will be clearing these below items at cost or below. So get in quick to grab a deal.

I have available various NEW RS5 Parts available. If you are looking for something specific please inbox me with a RS5 Part number and I will see if it is available. There are simply too many parts to list here.

I have some limited NEW FG Spares. Mainly for older EVO Chassis \ Trucks. Again. Inbox me with a part number and I will see if its available. As with the RS5 Parts there are too many parts to list here.

I also have some PMT Bike Tyres for sale. I am clearing these out at $19 each Tyre Plus Postage or 4 or more Tyres $17 plus postage. These Tyres don't have the rims fitted.

M015011 - 100 x 6
M015011 - 010 x 3
M015011 - 020 x 2
M015011 - 200 x 5
M015711 - 200 x 1 Grooved Tyre

M015021 - 100 x 9
M015021 - 010 x 4
M015021 - 020 x 3
M015021 - 200 x 2
M015721 - 200 x 2 Grooved Tyre

Once the FG and RS5 Parts are all gone They are gone.

I can provide PMT Bike Tyres if required but they will not be at the above mentioned prices and will be on as ordered basis. Stock wont be held.

Inbox me any questions or part numbers and i will be sure to see if i can help with your requirement.


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