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Baja Dan:
Hi guys, 

i need to replace the body shell of my losi, and am looking for ideas? i want one that can be painted on the inside.

anyone got any ideas?

p.s, i will ban the first person who suggests grafail bodies.

Grim Reaper:
Wouldn’t it be best then to get some clear panels then you can paint them how you want perhaps dontknow

Baja Dan:
Yeah mick, i want aomething clear so i can paint it, but looking for alternatives to the penta or the stock shell.

Grim Reaper:
Well apart from Grafil blob you can get the 30 degrees north body panels but they aren’t clear but come in a range of different colours

Baja Dan:
whilst i dont mind the look of the 30 degree body, i would like it clear so i can paint it. 

as for the grafil body.....


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