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Alright guys,
Car is sold and im putting together. Shopping list.
So I'm gonna buy a dragon hammer V2, zenoah g320 motor, and flysky fs-it4s radio for it.
Need more advice on servos, leaning towards the savox 35kg and 40kg servos, don't need water proof do I? Nothing to cheap but not over the top either?
Don't want to go Lipo batteries yet so what's some good but not to expensive batteries and charger to get?
Kill switch options? Hilatronics rceks-5k looks good but not over the top?
Give me some advice and options. Don't want dirty cheap or super expensive

Baja Dan:
The stronger servos generally wont work as well without lipos.

Yeah I figured that. I'll still go a 7.2v battery to start. But also need to keep start up costs down a bit and then I'll upgrade later on.

So it looks like the dragon hammer takes the long six cell style batteries, and they all seem to have the older Tamiya style connector on them. I presume I need some sort of conversion cable to use them with the radio gear?

I like the look of these wraps for the DH V2.

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Predator rc has the DH rollers for just over $1700.
They also have the SLE vekta just under $1800.


Yeah the wraps look cool. I've ordered some vinyl for mine so far is all and I'll get some stickers and all and make my own I think.

I wasn't looking at the vekta but there was still ungraded needed out the box. Where the DH didn't need them.
I know the DH people say have roll over issues. But you watch ones well setup and they are no diff to the vekta.
I'm not expecting it to handle as good as some other models.
I was all set to order from an Australian supplier. But I bought it direct from AliExpress in the end. Was just the $ and me being a Cheap skate. The rest I ordered from Australia supplier's though.


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