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 Maverick Pro Drone????


G'day fellas, it's been a while. headbang
I'm currently tossing with the idea of getting a DJI Maverick Pro package and have a few questions to those that have them or have had experience with them.  My wife is on board with this RC as I'll be using it for our business to get video footage to make ad's as well as my personal needs.  Is this the best picture from a drone on the market without spending crazy dollars??  Is it easy enough to fly and what extra things would one get so I'll have everything I'll need at hand when I want to use it??

Cheers in advance

Hey Danny, I see Ozzy moved this ( cause he doesn't like Multirotors and Drones ), but don't worry mate, we'll help you out LOL. thumbsup

The Mavic pro is a nice unit and one of it's advantages is, it's able to be folded up and tucked away.It is not the only quality unit out there, so do plenty of research.

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You could even look at a DJI Phantom mate. The Pro version shoot in 4K video aswell.

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You could even look at a second hand unit in one of the many facebook groups.

Just be aware also Danny that when we fly drones or multirotors etc, we are governed by rules and regs etc, so if you plan on flying one, just protect yourself and have a read up mate.

Above all, enjoy the experience.

Cheers Dave.

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cant go past the mavic pro  we carry them in stock
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As you said in your post is it the best quality picture you can get without spending crazy money...
The answer is this

The Phantom 4 Pro is what most are going for because of its 1" sensor and 20 megapixel camera..... it is the best on the market in its price range by far..
We sell both also :)


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