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 Rules and drawing the line

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My position over the last few years has left me open to witness growth and change in this sport which has been amazing to watch. Every 1/5th Off Road club in Australia has done an amazing job towards its growth 💪

That being said, I am also left open to hear the views/opinions, questions and thoughts of many regarding the rules.
In light of a recent topic being discussed.. pushes for rule changes regarding fuel stops and engine capacities to be increased..I feel the need to say this..

The AARCMMC rules, I.e. the cars and specs etc combined with rules for track length and width etc, in my opinion/experience are absolutely spot on. Why??..
For the guys asking for engine capacities to be increased, you are really asking for track length/specs to be increased also, therefore more marshals on track. So then the situation is higher speed cars with more people at risk?? Not really a clever scenario in my opinion.

For the guys asking for fuel stops to be allowed during race conditions, then that is just a flatout safety concern. No venue has the facilities to contain or take the danger out of that situation. Besides that, youve lost the race by the time youve refuelled anyway. Its a no brainer!!

Where does it stop? Where are the limits?
The limits/rules are in place and thats where they should stop!! ...or do we suffer a loss or nasty injury before we realise that its too much?? The machines we race are dangerous enough as it is. I have witnessed some injuries and very close calls and they arent pretty!!

P.s..this post is my OWN opinion, nothing to do with QORLS and certainly not speaking for AARCMCC. Its come from being peppered with questions from all around Australia the last week or so, nothing more!
Lets keep the fun while being safe guys 👍

Pappa Smurf:
You and I have had many words But you have presented the current case well And so it should be thumbsup Even in 1:1 there are rules  I do not totally agree But the rules create uniformity and with motor restrictions, less track maintenance thumbsup

No other motor sport with the potential for personal harm or death has guys standing out on the track, let alone running around it rescuing cars in full race pace. It blows me away that some think that we can afford more risk! We are lucky enough to have insurance for it as it is 👍

A heap more support here on Baino's topic:

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Aussie Hobbies:
the rules have been made by our governing body AARCMCC they are made for a reason as in, insurance ,safety of marshalls & spectators and participants i love watching people with big size engines all they do is break shit, they have a lot less control over there cars as someone already said if it ain't broke don't f*** with it plenty of guys go bashing with there large motors if they want to race comply to the rules on engine size and fuel limits


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