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Greedy Guido:
Trend Setters,

Boy Wonder and myself just finished painting the racing body for the DBXL (Photos to follow soon).

Boy Wonder wants some flame decals to put the bonnet and up the side panels (he said it will make it go faster).

Does anyone know where I can get flame decal stickers from?

Greedy Guido:
As indicated above, Boy Wonder's race cage with new race colours for TVR (Team Vella Racing) *rofl*.  The boy does like to stand out from the crowd.  Everyone better bring sunglasses with them when he races to protect your retinas.

It's bloody amazing how many things can be improved with fire *rofl* ....I am quite fond of flames here and there tho headbang

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Try your local Motorbike (more dirtbike stuff)  shop,over here they had a good selection of flame stickers,otherwise you cld try one of the crowds that do vinyl wraps thumbsup

Greedy Guido:
Thanks NZ420, will give it a try.

Grim Reaper:
Check eBay mate


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