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Hi guys I have been looking around for awhile now to get a 5th scale. I think I want to go with the HPI baja 5t or 5sc. Just want to know are they worth paying the extra to get or are the clones like the ones made by rovan any good?

in rod we trust:
id suggest if your after either one hpi is better quality ..

personly i would say look in the forsale section on here at times there are ex racer's who have done the lot of upgrades + some and just looking to buy new model ... they usaly sell there baja's for cheaper than a new baja hpi ..thats the go

Pappa Smurf:
I have 2 clones They needed upgrades thumbsup I recently bought HPI cheap enough Needs same upgrades thumbsup Clones can be a good start Will cost less upgraded to see if you get the fever 1lma00!

Are you a gambling man? *rofl*

Rovans seem to be a pass or fail kind of deal.....some people get good ones....others not so good.......personally I got a heap of poo pottytrain

They all need a few upgrades and all have their positives and negatives....budget,skill level etc will be the deciding factor....

Want new and have a bit to splash and keen to learn......hpi 5b ss kit would be the go
Want new but budget a bit tight....go do something nice for a stranger....Rovan 5b
Don't care and just want a toy....second hand 5b that someone else has spent a fortune on thumbsup

........but the true answer to your question is yes definitely clone.....seeds are shit thumbsup *rofl*

1/5 King Motors KM-X2 Upgrade Version

KM-X2 Upgrade Version

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This beast caught my eye.

I made some calculations based on the information from other forums and sites to compare the upgrades and the costs involved. Find out about the technical specs from both vehicles and compatability with the electronics. Don't take my word because these things can change. All the vehicles in this category are almost as good as the next one. IMO it is about how much you want to spend and ego if you race these vehicles. So it comes to personal preference and what makes you happy.

Losi 5ive US$1500 RTR (26cc or 29cc without tuned exhaust) or US$1300 as a roller.
Comes with weak servos and poor radio. On 5ive you need all three servos to do a steering conversion to double and from 6V to 7.4V a battery. Throttle also because on 7.4V it will burn. Losi don’t come with any upgrades.
KM-X2 US$719 RTR (30.5cc with tuned exhaust).
Comes with two 50kg 7.4V servos and fair radio. X2 only needs one servo to do a steering conversion to double and from 6V to 7.4V a battery. X2 has about US$500 worth of upgrades.

No matter the option you choose on 5ive you want a better engine and radio with servos and receiver.
Let’s choose standard Zenoah G320RC US$300 and if you want something more based on the Zenoah G320RC with little more HP it is about US$500. On both you need a tuned exhaust US$200-250.
To run the engine you need upgrades to centre differential supports and preferably on suspension. Upgrades are about US$500.
To do the steering conversion you need to upgrade the steering support as minimum, three servos and a kit for the fitting. US$500 + battery US$150.
Radio US$300-500
On a Losi roller US$1300 + 1950 = US$3250 minimum up to US$3700

Let’s choose standard Zenoah G320RC US$300 and if you want something more based on the Zenoah G320RC with little more HP it is about US$500. No need of a exhaust as it already has tuned exhaust.
To run the engine it already comes with the upgrades.
To do the steering conversion only needs one servo a kit for the fitting. US$200 + battery US$150.
No radio needed.
On a KM RTR US$719 + 650 = US$1369 minimum up to US$1569

That is the cost to have the both very close to same specs.
There is one difference. The chassis on KM is 7075 aluminium and the Losi has 6061 aluminium. IMO it is a huge difference in strength and important issue when putting an engine on the vehicle and the impacts that the car can take.

6061 – Mechanical Properties
•Ultimate Tensile Strength 45000 psi
•Tensile Yield Strength 40000 psi
•Fatigue Strength 14000 psi
•Shear Strength 30000 psi
•Hardness, Rockwell 40
•Machinability 50%

7075 – Mechanical Properties
•Ultimate Tensile Strength 83000 psi
•Tensile Yield Strength 73000 psi
•Fatigue Strength 23000 psi
•Shear Strength 48000 psi
•Hardness, Rockwell 53.5
•Machinability 70% 


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