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Author Topic:  we need the rc comunity support  (Read 816 times)

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we need the rc comunity support
« on: August 27, 2018, 04:00:30 PM »
hi all

as some of you may know the libs/ greens  have brought out new proposal for marine parks in nsw ...

i have fished the pirtek fishing challenge since it started also love fishing as a hobby  ..  i ask that if you blokes who love rc and also fishing and other hobbies to fill in  the below link to stop there plans ..there is no evidence of there claims
or scientific proof for these marine parks its just libs looking to get green votes..

the pirtek fishing comp donates all it s money to the prostate cancer foundation and the peter duncan neuroscience  foundation   sadly the proposed new sites will impact on the number of entries as people wont be allowed to fish in the areas ..

we cannot let these politicians  destroy our hobbies no matter what they are . they will come after all the hobbies that the greens dont like just for votes ..

i would be great to see all hobbies come together in support of each other to keep our aussie way of life alive ..

please fill in and have your say to stop these stupid vote grabbing politicians ..

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thanks and hope that you blokes no matter what state in aus your from help

i also ask if your on facebook  please join stop the lockout page  ... ring  email or  even better send your local mp if your in nsw a letter for what scientific proof they have let them know you will not vote for them ...  one day the rc community may need the same help so lets  ban together show your support so if that one day comes the  anglers will in return help the rc community..

cheers and thanks
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