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Author Topic:  1/4 Scale Speedway Comming to NZ  (Read 2320 times)

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1/4 Scale Speedway Comming to NZ
« on: April 10, 2014, 03:40:31 PM »
1/4 Scale  Speedway Comming to NZ

the guys over at Hastings are in the middle of building a track 

We are an affiliated club of the NZ RC Speedway club, which in turn is an affiliated/member of the NZRCA. We have a rulebook that has been adopted by the NZRCS which covers vehicle specs etc. You will be required to be a member of NZRCA to race at the site due to insurance requirements etc. I can email the specs to anyone who wants them, or if I was tech savvy enough put a link for a download..(but Im not)...

Track is progressing - it has taken nearly 2 years of trying to find a venue to race that had reasonable amenities (toilets etc), didnt mind the noise, and nearly a year of negotiating with the HB Car Club. Currently the track is very fine pumice soil (very dusty) so we will be bringing in a clay/limestone mix to give it some structure. We hope to put up the outside fence within the next 2 weeks as well....

We are on the hunt for a track sponsor. Happy to give naming rights etc. If you know a company that might be interested (Stu - I'm thinking of your sponsor lol) then let me know and I'll try and put a proposal together..We have to lease the land so looking to offset some of these costs. We have done alot of the work as Gasman has said by calling in favours, begging, and "borrowing" materials...

Finally we know the only way this class will grow is if we have people racing with us...If you have Baja's sitting in the closet dig them out, or sell them to me so i can offer RTR cars for those wishing to race. Sprintcars are a different kettle of fish and is a class that will build slowly. We are a friendly bunch in the HB and plan is to run monthly...I'm sure we can accomodate out of town drivers to keep costs down etc...If you are local and keen to get involved then get hold of me 021918057 as many hands make light work!