Crazy Stu Designs


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[1] DBXL Chassis

[2] Crazy Stu's Intake system for Losi 5iveT, Mini WRC & DBXL owners, coming soon

[3] Crazy Stu's Limited edition DBXL chassis

[4] Sale on now while stocks last. Quality Drill sets, countersink sets, Tap sets

[5] Crazy Stu's Mega Diff Locker Spool for Losi DBXL

[6] Sand carb mod

[7] Crazy Stu's Easy-Start and Easy-Start XL pull start handles

[8] Crazy Stu's fan type clutch plate for RCMax 65/70/71

[9] Crazy Stuís Ultimate Losi DBXL chassis taking pre orders now


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